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The architectural style is well preserved and the earthen constructions are perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions and are in harmony with the natural and social environment. The large houses in the lower part of the village, with well conserved decorative motifs, are regularly maintained. The construction materials used still remain earth and wood. Only a few lintels and reinforced concrete escaped its vigilance, but they have been hidden by earthen rendering.

Particular attention is also paid to doors and windows giving on to the lanes, to ensure that the wood is not replaced by metal. Protection measures essentially relate to the different laws for the listing of historic monuments and sites, in particular the Law concerning Moroccan heritage. The Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou currently has a five-year management plan This management plan is the result of two years of reflection and workshops involving all the persons and institutions concerned with the future of the site, in particular the local populations.

The recommendations of this plan are being implemented. Furthermore, two management committees have been established a local committee and a national one in which all the parties are represented and cooperate in decision-making. Baku, Azerbaijan , 30 June — 10 July About us www. Help preserve sites now! Join the , Members. Search Advanced. By Properties. It is the first project of this kind on such a large scale: kilometres of high voltage cables due to be laid fully underground.

The power line will create an urgently needed link between the wind power generated in the north and the consumer centres in the south of Germany. It will ensure better integration of renewable energies and it will also further enhance the cross-border exchange of energy with other EU Member States. This project uses excess energy when for example renewable generation is abundant, into compressed air which is then stored in geological caverns within salt layers deep underground, for later release to generate electricity.

The project will contribute to system flexibility and stability and facilitate the large-scale penetration of renewables into energy markets. It will thus improve energy security and price competitiveness in the region. This will enable current infrastructure to cope with the uptake of additional renewable energy and result in greater energy security without the need to build new overhead cables.

In order to be eligible for a grant, a proposal has to be 'a project of common interest'. There are currently European energy infrastructure projects identified as 'projects of common interest'. When completed, the projects will each result in significant benefits for at least two Member States, enhance security of supply, contribute to market integration, and enhance competition, as well as reduce CO 2 emissions.

The list is updated every two years. The single specimen available is etched and detailed identification is difficult. Textularia pseudosolita Zheng Figures 7. Moderate-sized species with broad test with curving sutures and acute periphery. Textularia vola Lalicker and McCulloch Figures 7. Moderate-sized species with depressed periphery and near-horizontal, straight sutures. Textularia sp.

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A Figures 7. Relatively large, up to 1. We distinguish this form tentatively as sp. It is a shallow-marine inhabitant, occurring abundantly in our samples, which is why it could have been described from elsewhere, although we could not find any previous record. Small species with inflated form, maximum width at mid-test length, with short protrusion of aperture. All specimens are distorted and do not retain their original morphology, but such plasticity seems to characterize this species.

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LeRoy , part 1 compared this species with Pseudoclavulina anglica Cushman which was originally described from the Eocene. Pseudoclavulina anglica closely resembles P. Four specimens from the Oura Formation, a single specimen from the Onogoshi Formation. Abundant in the Oura Formation, rare in the Onogoshi and Minebari formations.

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Test large, growing rapidly from biserial to uniserial stages, aperture consisting of irregular fissure-like openings at top of final chamber. Although preservation is not good, the characteristic aperture is seen in all specimens. Genus Cycloforina is distinguished from Quinqueloculina mainly by lack of chamber floor attaching penultimate chambers in adult specimen.

Quinqueloculina auberiana d'Orbigny Figures 8. Quinqueloculina sagamiensis Asano Figure 8. Quinqueloculina seminulum Linnaeus Figures 8. Quinqueloculina starkeri Loeblich and Tappan Figures 8.


Small species with inflated chambers, thin and slightly coarse wall, depressed sutures, and wide aperture. Moderate-sized species with inflated chambers resulting in near-circular cross section and rounded periphery.

Pyrgo subsphaerica d'Orbigny Figure 9. Due to poor preservation, detailed identification is difficult, but the sigmoidal cross section and fine white porcellaneous wall are typical features of S. Jones regarded the genus Spirosigmoilina as a senior synonym of Sigmoilinita Seiglie ; we concur. This species has approximately 20 raised longitudinal striations, whereas Nodosaria spirostriolata Cushman has numerous up to fine longitudinal striations. Chrysalogonium equisetiformis Schwager Figure 9.

F25, pl. Dentalina aff.

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Specimens from Miyakojima Island have more numerous longitudinal striations than typical D. Dentalina mutsui Hada Figures 9. Dentalina sp. A Figure 9. Test elongate and very slightly curved; large for the genus, up to 3. This form resembles Dentalina flintii Cushman e. Two unilocular broken specimens from a single sample of the Onogoshi Formation. Moderate-sized species with inflated chambers and slightly curved and depressed sutures.

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Genus Laevidentalina is applied in this study for former Dentalina species lacking longitudinal costae. Laevidentalina antarctica Parr Figure Laevidentalina ariena Patterson and Pettis Figures Small-sized species, with arched shape and flush sutures, smooth appearance.

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Contributions from the Cushman Laboratory for Foraminiferal Research, Spiroplectammina higuchii is regarded as a synonym. Our systematic review focuses on those from around the Ryukyu Islands and includes several major monographs of material from the southwest Pacific Ocean, southeast Asia, and their marginal seas. The Foraminifera from the adjacent seas of Japan, collected by S. Clipperton Island St. F39, pl.

Japanese workers have referred to this species as D. Jones revised this to D.

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Nomenclature Nodosaria intorta Dervieux was replaced by D. Laevidentalina bradyensis Dervieux Figure Laevidentalina subemaciata Parr Figures Moderate-sized species with near-circular cross section and irregular chamber growth which results in preceding chambers being occasionally more inflated than later ones. Laevidentalina sp.

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A Figure Test elongate; very slightly curved; bilaterally compressed, and ovoid in cross section; chambers very slightly inflated; periphery rounded; sutures not depressed and gently oblique to outer arc; aperture protruding at end of test, on extension of inner arc; surface smooth and finely perforated; Initial chamber and apertural end broken.