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Finally, Truman by Jean Reidy is a heartwarming tale of Truman the tortoise who is left at home while Sarah goes off on her first day of school.

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Jada plans a sleepover with lots of science, but then she needs to come up with a way to have fun, too. In this food-related mystery, Didi needs to find the thief who stole Koko's top-secret fudge sauce. For a positive message about cultural understanding and a lesson on protecting the environment as Badir rallies to save a beaver's home, try Badir and the Beaver Orca Echoes by Shannon Stewart. Finally, for those students who enjoy Clementine and Judy Moody, readers will appreciate A Is for Elizabeth by Rachel Vail, a story about making choices and making a friend.

This is just a sampling of the highly acclaimed, new books for classroom libraries just released for the first time in There are plenty more to arrive soon! Literature and Books for Third Graders. Hendrik C. I agree that there should be a chance for alumni as members of the CRS community to be involved in the decisionmaking process.

We all remember the people at Camp, campers and counselors alike, but we also remember them being at this particular place. The camp grounds is every part of the leadership experience as we all, at some point, took on the responsibility to maintain and add to grounds. There are many messages and signatures all over the grounds that immortalize campers presence throughout the years.

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To sell the grounds is symbolic akin to destroying the history of CRS. But precisely therefore, the symbolic effect of a historic location should be respected. It has fostered open dialogue and collaborative problem solving. It is where a true "holy man" lived and taught spiritual knowledge.

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It is where so many had spiritual opening and experiences. This idea, which is absolutely true to me, has been denigrated as mere "sentimentality" in certain emails. It is outrageous to so denigrate; the spirit is real and every inch of that property is soaked with it.

I told him of my experiences there. He wrote back to me at that very place a most wonderful, kind, and understanding reply. He knew what I was talking about. Some way must be found to preserve that place.

I am most concerned to maintain the length of the summer and the gender separation. It was definitely in the last four weeks of the summer that I felt the magic of ownership of our experience and of deep relationships. I fear girls will step up less in a mixed environment. It is SO powerful, especially as a teenage woman, to see all leadership roles filled by women! Being in a girls-only environment allowed me to be in relationships where I felt treasured for my intellect and my heart, and I felt that my body was a precious vehicle for my 'self'.

This was in HIGH contrast to the emphasis on physical appearance that I felt in other environments during middle school and high school.

I fear the experience of not-judging-based-on-bodies will be diminished for campers in a mixed-gender environment. I recognize that this support for gender separation is hetero-centric; and at the same time, it was huge for me, and I want to preserve that opportunity for others. Thank you to all those who are working to the preservation of camp and the perpetuation of this precious experience!

I am signing again from my office, in case you didn't get it before. Franny Chen. Hello to any old friends who notice this note. I am truly thankful for the experiences and hope that CRS teaches generations to come.

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It was there that I met some wonderful people and if this declaration succeeds I will never forget and give what I can in the future. I wish not to be greedy and therefore I want to help other experience the opportunity I had. The same campsite because our legacy lives there. Name: Stephan Berwick Years at camp: '80 Origin: NY, USA Profession: Strategic Planning Relationship to the camp: Alumna or Alumnus Comments: Wish to reiterate my previous comments on the other petition that at a minimum, alunni deserve to see all the math behind behind the decision to sell the historic grounds. Surely there is a way to preserve the site for permanent use, which could include: off-season rentals and education programs, more sophisticated fund-raising, and improved publicity.

With the knowledge we have to work with, it still doesn't add up that the foundation is without funds to repair and renovate the historic site, while the foundation overhead appears to be bloated.

The 12222 Ultimate List of Diverse Children’s Books

Name: C. Indeed, the alumni counselors helped make my experience at CRS the life-changing experience it was for me; and I can think of no better way of fulfilling Freddy's legacy than passing some of the spirit imbued to me to future campers. Name: Morten H. Name: Behcet Envarli Years at camp: '62 Origin: Turkey Profession: IBM Retiree Relationship to the camp: Alumna or Alumnus Comments: "Much of the spirit and many of our dearest memories are deeply attached to the places where we experienced the magic of CRS, and that echoes in our souls even after decades have passed.

I totally share the same feelings. Name: Bruce Douglas Years at camp: '40,'41,'42 and forever after; selected more than fifty girls and boys with whom I maintain regular intact to thus day. My intense memories of those years are inextricably intertwined with the barn, tent hill, the council grounds, the Sawkill, the big house and the "willy". The thought of "disposing" of them for some "modern" vacation facility is tormenting and self-destructive to me. ONLY those of us who experienced the intimacy of the experience, the response to Freddie's admonition to pick "twenty weeds" and sitting and arguing under the catalpa tree can really understand how we all feel about selling that site and , even more important, limiting the summer to less than seven weeks.

I've not been back more than once every ten years, but the thought that it won't be there any more would disturb me more than I can imagine! We're not talking about a Hilton Hotel We're fighting to preserve a part of each one of us that simply can't be transported elsewhere! Dr, Prof. Bruce Douglas whose mother used to set up a tent in our Brooklyn back yard after every Camp season for visiting Rising Sons.

Name: AnnMarie Walton Years at camp: "'94, '99c, BOD several years, scholarship committee, program committee, health and safety committee several years as well Origin: New York Profession: Nurse, PhD student Relationship to the camp: Alumna or Alumnus Comments: I support the pieces of this that call for transparency, not growing the number of campers now and not cutting the season short now. I have and will always given my pledge to support the foundation with time and financial resources.

Name: Dr. I responded to the announcement of the Board's decision with measured if not resigned support, while asking what in their stated plans would be done to preserve all that I take to be the heart of the CRS experience.

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So much is tied to geography and localized tradition. I received no response and felt very much alone. Now I see that others feel as I did. I am particularly pleased to see among signatories people I knew during my era at camp mid 's. CRS has been an indelible part of my life story. The Board decision threatens to erase it, belying the words of the CRS "anthem": " I assume that the campers at the girls' camp have had similar experiences and attachments.

I am not unreasonable about financial realities. But I am very loathe to blindly endorse a decision that has such profound ramifications for the core of the CRS experience and traditions I would not want to use the word "hijacking" to describe what is happening, but at the very least, the Board has misjudged alumni sentiment and mismanaged this admittedly serious problem.

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But Baba has a story for Sadiq: the story of the Desert Star. The Last Day of Summer by Lamar Giles Otto and Sheed are the local sleuths in their zany Virginia town, masters of unraveling mischief using their unmatched powers of deduction. After causing havoc at home, Jingles the playful kitten disappears, and the family spends Christmas frantically searching for their beloved pet. But the next session never came. Courreges, Andre French fashion designer and miniskirt pioneer

I strongly urge a moratorium on the decision, during which time the Board, together with alumni representatives from all eras, can parley about the appropriate course to take to deal with the financial problems and to deal with an obvious problem with Louis-August Jonas Foundation governance of CRS. If called upon, I would willingly participate in this. A shout out to all fellow campers from around the early and mid 's! Peter Kahn. Steve Fishman.

With the urgency of the present fiscal situation now so apparent, much more money should be raisable by and through alumni, alumnae, and other sources. I'm going to be very honest, as no one else would dare to be, on the subject of a girls' camp. He looked puzzled and acted as though that was not an issue at all. Well, think about it, my fellow alumni, and join me in acknowledging that CRS is into the co-ed idea to stay; but the girls have got to do their share as we alumni have to do our share to support Freddie's decision and it was, finally, his decision to go the co-ed route.

I'm sure that it is going to be inflammatory for me to say so, but the present situation would probably not have occurred if that idea had never arisen.