Chased by Moonlight

Chased by Moonlight
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To take my life? Or perhaps both? Malfurion Stormrage is dead. AU fic where in Sylvanas and Tyrande are long lost lovers and during the war of thorns, they get to reunite. See the end of the chapter for more notes. Tyrande stood alone at the precipice of Teldrassil, in a long forgotten hollow she had crafted so that she might seek the guidance of Elune in peace.

Not that it would serve much purpose now. At this very moment she supposed it was where she would witness her city, her people be slaughtered by the oncoming Horde.

The smoke rising from the coast of Darkshore, the distant echoes of battle. So familiar yet still mere echo of the one she had once known. Her name acknowledged, the Banshee Queen herself stepped from the shadows. She cracked a small smile when the High Priestess turned to face her, anger laced across her expression. But a hint of something else danced through her eyes and Sylvanas was too watchful to miss it.

A flicker of longing perhaps? The world came to a grinding halt then, like everything had been traveling a million miles an hour and suddenly it just stopped. Tyrande getting thrown forward into You are free now. For a moment, the High Priestess felt her heart ache. Malfurion had been a lifelong friend and while she was married to the man - it had not been a marriage born out of love nor want, at least not on her part.

It was a unity that their people had drawn strength from. It was for the betterment of the people that they wed. Now he was gone, and she was free of that marriage. Her voice wavered, blinking back the tears stinging the back of her eyes. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Sylvanas tense just so, red eyes narrowing. The High Priestess cast her gaze away, she told herself it was nothing, the Banshee Queen felt nothing anymore and to think otherwise would be a foolish endeavor.

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Any past they had, any love they once felt for each other, it would not be a memory which they revisited today. I care to admit. As if it had lost any of the darkness brought on by undeath. Tyrande said nothing, choking down the words that fought so hard to escape from her chest. Gentle words, born of a love long lost, one they had been forced to bury so many life times ago. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Chased by Moonlight by Nancy Gideon.

And neither does Max.

Left in charge of a criminal empire and protector of a clan of shadowy shape-shifters, Max walks a precarious line. Can he believe the cunning stranger who claims he can teach Max the things he needs to know to stay alive—a conman who would betray anyone to make a profit—a man who may be a ruthless killer? And that means hiding his motives and lying to a woman who values truth above all. The woman who can save him. Get A Copy. Mass Market Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. By Moonlight 2. Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Chased by Moonlight

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The Girl Who Chased the Moon: A Novel

More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Chased by Moonlight Moonlight, 2. This was a very good read but stressful. There is a lot of internal angst due to the main characters not communicating or trusting each other's feelings They also do not explain themselves after a crisis is past. I still love Max, but Cee Cee annoyed me for a great portion of the book The external angst is fierce and getting fiercer as the trackers are coming for Max.

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I am very compelled to continue thi This was a very good read but stressful. I am very compelled to continue this series Feb 09, Gisela rated it did not like it Shelves: don-t-touch-with-a-stick , paranormal-romance , drama-queen , buddy-read , z I'm done with this series. I can't stand Cee Cee, I want the shifters to eat her.

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ETA: I can't believe this book has so many glowing reviews. Group Read. View 1 comment. Jan 10, Lauren rated it really liked it Shelves: organized-crime , urban-fantasy , new-orleans , female-detectives , huge-hero , southern-comfort , scribd , wolf-shifter , cajun-hero.

Chased by Moonlight 3. In order to maintain her objectivity, Charlotte must distance herself from Max, but work behind the scenes to clear his name. Unfortunately, Max has dark secrets that are not helping the situat Chased by Moonlight 3. Unfortunately, Max has dark secrets that are not helping the situation… The story is enjoyable despite my problems with Charlotte running first hot then cold.

She is obviously not as emotionally invested in the relationship as Max although she does seem to be getting there slowly. That said, the investigation is good and the revelation of the villain although unsurprising is exciting. The overall story arc is developing in an interesting direction with more details on Max's past, which may have far reaching consequences on his future. The secondary characters are starting to grow on me as well. I was naughty and took a peek at the blurbs for future books, and it looks like the series switches from focusing on Max and Charlotte to other couples from book 5 onwards.

Feb 19, Ezinwanyi rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , shapeshifters , paranormal-romance , werewolves , rape , damaged , mafia-mob , fwys-series , assassin. Max taking over Legere's empire isn't making her job as a detective very easy as Max is always the number 1 suspect when things go down. With the rape and murders of a politician widely known to oppose Max's business interests, many people are questionin Detective Caissie's objectivity and loyalty.

Will this new investigation end their relationship or will they continue to compromise To make it 3. Will this new investigation end their relationship or will they continue to compromise To make it work? I enjoy this story though I want to know even more of what Max can do as a shifter.

The Girl Who Chased the Moon: A Novel

I was waiting for one of them to get fired or killed. The story kept me on pins and needles. I love how the man is the hard yet soft one in the relationship. I love her partner Babineau and how he really is on CeeCee's side.

I know that trouble is on the horizon and that decision both keep avoiding will have to be made. I was disappointed to read in the beginning that Max and Cee Cee were back to distrust and non-communication. Cee Cee annoyed the heck out of me with her sitting on the fence when it came to her relationship with Max. Cee Cee claimed her man and finally they made some progress. For books 1 and 2 it was one step forward and two 3.

For books 1 and 2 it was one step forward and two steps back and I was getting over it. This are the first words that comes to my mind how to describe this book and does NOT need another introduction, in my opinion of course. But if you love to read PNR books, i highly recommend this one. Purely amazing, heartbreaking and phenomenal.

You don't really want to miss out on a great book. Shelves: favorites-all-time , bewitching-book-covers , addictive-reads , pnr-shifters , romance , nancy-gideon. I'm happy to say they just get keep getting better and better! Max Savoie is now the head of Legere's Crime Organization, and Charlotte Caissie is still a New Orleans Police Detective in charge of two murder investigations that hit way too close to home for her.

One - they are a revolting reminder of the nightmare she endured at the hands of Legere's goons as an innocent teenager and two - the man she is sleeping with Chased By Moonlight is the second book in Nancy Gideon's By Moonlight series. One - they are a revolting reminder of the nightmare she endured at the hands of Legere's goons as an innocent teenager and two - the man she is sleeping with is the number one suspect Cee Cee's career is on the line.

Her priorities are being questioned. How can she clear Max Savoie without compromising her job and everything she believes in?