Fire Beneath the Ashes: The United States and Iran: A Historic Perspective 1829–1947

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The "Live Preview" appears automatically when you start typing below the text area and it will show you how your comment will look like before you send it. Name: E-mail:. History is important. Yet, we have to think about advantages and disadvantages of history for life , i. Russia and Iran are at the beginning of entirely new relationship. So patience is needed to understand the future. So, guided by Russia as pathfinder, it has new markets, and will be a first tier member of the multi-polar unity, right next to China, India, Russia and the rest of the developing world.

Prosperity and growth for its very young population could be a pace-setter among nations for decades. One reason Israel is intensely scheming against Iran is it will eventually eclipse Israel in trade, invention, and status.

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Iran has an enormous future. Israel is on a journey to nowhere. Right, but instead of India rather Pakistan and Turkey. India, except briefly under Mahatma Gandhi, was, and now certainly is see e.

So what Aram Mirzaei clarifies makes perfect sense. Barbarossa which were sure to come]. Israel will continue to decay as a state and society so long as it is ruled by hatred, as personified by Bibi, the Talmudist fundamentalists and various secular fascistic and racist tendencies.

There is room for an Israel, on boundaries, with all Palestinians exercising their Right of Return, but not for a racially exclusivist Eretz Yisrael of any size. If the US was not led by half-wits and not so much in Israeli pockets, US-Iranian friendship and cooperation could have gone a long way, to the benefit of both parties, and perhaps world peace.

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Washington, D. Private sector borrowing and lending continued, although to what extent is currently unknown. Large banks were generally at least as profitable as small banks in all years between and , and slightly more so in many. The industry prospered around the turn of the century due to the invention of a simple tool for splitting the straw and war, which cut off competition from Italy. Large government subsidies on the order of 3, to 8, pesos per km were granted, and financing the subsidies amounted to over 30 million pesos by

Statesmanship and far-mindedness got replaced by stupidity and undue Israeli influence in the US leading to needless wars and problems. Whatever the case, Israel ruling elitists of Israel, Zionist dual citizenry pulled it off, did the deed. OK, starting with the Federal Reserve in So long as Canada remains Canada, a constitutional monarchy of the British monarchy, Britain undoubtedly has some kind of significant established political presence.

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Translating that into a broader political presence i. So far, Russia has used their military veto in very select circumstances. Now might be a good time to pay closer attention to the comments from Russian officials about these kinds of dilemmas. I am cautiously optimistic. Oh do please justify your assertion that the Iranian revolution was a western project. I have seen zero reason to believe such, and would welcome further education.

Can you convince me you know what you are talking about? The reason for this assertion is the fact that Ali Khamenei was imported from France Paris to be exact in order to take over the revolution. Those conflicts pretty well got settled around France and UK ended up carving out almost all of it.

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To Anon. Other than the fact that the French temporarily allowed Khomeni to stay in France for a matter of months, there are absolutely no fingerprints, no evidence or inference whatsoever, to think that the West had anything to do with starting this Islamic revolution, and the Imposed War was strong proof that the West worked very hard to strangle it in the cradle. My suggestion is to save enough money to pay the exit-visa from Israel, and to spend a few months around people who are not crazy paranoid.

Get outside the mental ghetto which surrounds you, and go see what the world is like. It is the oldest tactic in the intelligence book to accuse your enemy of being your collaborator. Some have even gone, where no intellectual has gone before and declared Imam Khomeini to be a Russian double ganger and the real Imam Khomeini having been Khashoggied somewhere by the Russians and replaced with a lookalike. Some hasbara here seems to favor the idea of some western entities helping Imam Khomeini to power. They probably have tried, otherwise they are dumber than they look!

If the western intelligence have any brains, they will naturally try to influence antiwestern revolutions and revolts, as they have always done. There is after all not a new tactic. It is also historically a favorite tactic used to discredit the unaware victim!

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But where the western intellectuals fall short in their analysis is their lack of historical knowledge about the role of the shia clergy in Iran. Imam Khomeini is just one in a long line of clergymen, who have saved the Iranian people from destruction from internal and external forces being it the british or the americans. Any honest historian will tell you, that it was the shia clergy, who in the final analysiss brought down the british empire. But the truth of the matter is, that Gandhi was a dilatant, a liar and a usurper, who did not have the decency to tell people, that he only copied and repeated the strategy, that had already been used successfully against the british empire and the east india company by Grand Ayatollah Shirazi!

No wonder, in the end Gandhi was blinded by the glitter of the west and sold his soul for fame at the altar of his own ego. No doubt he himself knew, that telling the truth would have meant an end to all the invitations to all the places the errandboy Gandhi would never be otherwise invited to.

Imagine Gandhi saying, that he only repeated, what an ayatollah did in Iran! While Gandhi was being invited to western colonial capitals to talk about his fight against them, Ayatollah Shirazi began to cry, when they gave him the news of his victory against the british empire. And when people ask, why he was crying, he replied, that from that moment the british have learned, who their enemy was!

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Ayatollah Shirazi was told about the british east india compay and their desire to colonize Iran after their successful colonization of India. While the british had used salt monopoly in India, they wanted to use tobco monopoly in order to colonize the country and had already sent about british agents to Iran.

Ayatollah Shirazi openly declared, that the british were trying to colonize the country using tobacco. He even expressed concern regarding introduction of western usurious banking system in the country. It is known by almost all Iranians today, that when Grand Ayatollah Shirazi declared his fatwa the servants of the shah broke his water pipes and did not allow the shah of the country smoke tobacco. The Iranians had done the impossible and had stopped the colonization of Iran without firing a single shot.

Gandhi repeat, what Ayatollah Shirazi had done in Iran but never gave him credit for the salvation of India. Who knows maybe the hindu would have burned him to ashes for following a Shia Grand Ayatollah! But if you are an American indian, you should look at the Reuter treaty, whenever you fell blue and like to curse your forefathers for their stupidity. You will have a laugh. And again it was the Khomeini of his time, who saved us from the west.

We owe everything we have and we are to the Ayatollahs of our every time! I could not agree more, Cosimo. Inciting Sunni-Shia sectarian hatred is specifically mentioned in the Oded Yinon Plan as a prime mechanism to be exploited to split the Middle Eastern states into powerless statelets. And then there is the doenmeh genocide-cult, Wahhabism, which hates everyone but other Wahhabists-is it any wonder that Israel and Sordid Barbaria are such good, if discreet, allies?

Maybe not so far fetched.