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It is trading at 5X earnings,. With a new business model that should deliver accounting transparency and positive cash flow, it should be obvious to investors that the last days of was a classic bottom. Flat Panel Maker Attempts to Paint a Clearer Picture in Knobias Analysis December 21, While the shopping days until Christmas continue to wind down, some of the most popular presents are being highlighted by the media.

The Nintendo Wii seems to be the hottest and hardest to find gift as many retailers throughout the country have reported shortages. But another present that is seeing year over year increase in demand due to price cuts are flat panel televisions. Whether the set is an LCD or plasma, retailers are seeing increased buying as prices have been cut since the last holiday season due to competition and the expanded manufacturing efficiency.

One company that? The Company? LCD model was named the Editor? Their 42? Over the past 12 months, the Company has seen a plethora of problems including the credit crunch, minor accounting issues, margin decline, negative cash flows, lowered guidance, increased dilution through equity financing, and a class action lawsuit, not to mention a litany of analyst downgrades. The culmination along with some classic year-end tax selling could amount to what might be considered a bottom. Armed with a new CEO and CFO, a new plan of action regarding their Chinese operations aimed at cutting costs, divesture of their LCoS business, and new products in the LCD area, the name could be seen as attractive by some following this depreciation over the year.

While the Company will take a hit revenue wise with the decision to use the royalty model in China, the Company? The royalty model will also cause deterioration in their margins but will provide greatly liquidity and reduced costs? With forward earnings estimates of 27c for the fiscal year of , price to earnings ratios are in the 9 range, and with continued development of their Olevia brand in North America along with their expansion into the Latin American markets, surprises might be on the horizon.

In any event, with the name trading at such low forward multiples and book values, it certainly becomes one to follow in Investors would be wise to watch. Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Compound Photonics Limited, was completed on Friday, December 21, Corporation to offset intellectual property ownership maintenance costs. Compound Photonics U. The Company's lead products include its Olevia TM brand www. The company began telling select retailers about the decision following several months of study, the spokesman said, adding that Sony will continue selling front projection products through its custom home theater division.

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The decision came despite the fact that Sony ranked second in the category for sell-through, with 28 percent of the U. Sony rear projection sets were also No. The firm is calling for total rear projection sales of about , in Manufacturers remaining in rear projection are now moving to larger screen sizes, offering a better value than either plasma or LCD flat-panel sets.

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Apart from lower panel prices and TV chip integration, the decline in production costs will also be due to more outsourcing of TV assembling, improved efficiency for assembling, and lower material costs, the research firm said. But the inch segment will not see a major reduction in production costs in because limited 6G capacity will continue to keep inch panel prices stable, it said.

Sharp is wrongly importing "products and processes'' protected by patents awarded since , Samsung, based in Suwon, South Korea, claimed in a complaint filed Dec. Sharp subsidiaries based in San Diego and Mahwah, New Jersey, "intend to continue their unlawful infringing activity,'' and Samsung "will continue to suffer irreparable harm'' without a court order prohibiting Sharp's misuse of the inventions, Samsung alleged in the complaint.

The action is part of a continuing battle between the two companies. In August, Osaka-based Sharp sued Samsung in federal court in Marshall, Texas, claiming infringement of five liquid- crystal patents. Samsung also filed a related complaint against Sharp with the U. International Trade Commission in Washington over patents, according to the agency's Web site. Sharp spokeswoman Martha Harvey didn't return calls seeking comment on the lawsuit.

Samsung shares fell 2, South Korean Won to , in Korean trading today. Sharp rose 5 yen to 2, in Tokyo. To review the disputed patents through the U. In the past four months the company has offered shareholders as much unwelcome drama as the flesh-eating zombies tormenting Will Smith in a futuristic Manhattan in the movie "I Am Legend. But insiders clearly think investors are overreacting to a couple of pieces of bad news.

Syntax-Brillian designs and sells high-definition televisions that use liquid-crystal-display LCD technology. It also owns camera maker Vivitar, which it bought in November In September, Syntax-Brillian stock got hammered when it said the credit crunch was squeezing Asian suppliers and hurting production. Then it announced a move to a royalty model for sales in China, meaning it would take a small cut of sales by licensing its brand instead of managing production itself. There was also a management shakeup that saw the finance chief exit -- rarely a reassuring event.

Investors are understandably unhappy with all of this, but consumers love Syntax-Brillian's flat-panel TVs, and that's what counts for me. Wu attributed Vizio's strong sales to its strength in terms of pricing, channel support and inventory control strategies — all of which have enabled the company to remain a Top-2 brand in the North America market in the previous two quarters.

In order to become worldwide number one, a company has to be the top player in both the North America and China markets, the chairman said, adding Amtran's next move is to enter the China market. But to become the leader in the China market is no easy task, and Vizio will carefully work out its plans, though details will not be announced until at least the middle of , Wu said.

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Buy Folgen der Kreditkrise für die US-Wirtschaft (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - Der Kreditkrise Auf Die Private Equity Industrie (German Edition) Stearns sind drei der fünf prestigereichsten US-Investmentbanken durch die Finanzkrise aber eher ahnungslos und verzweifelt wirkenden Kapitäne der Finanzwirtschaft.

Dollar liegen. Zudem reagiere das Panel auch auf Gesten. X Games 14 will also be presented entirely in HD and will air in early August, The new Olevia product line is comprised of the 2 Series, a competitively-priced true mainstream LCD HDTV, plus the Olevia 6 Series which offers premium quality with the latest features and additional inputs, and the best-in-class Olevia 7 Series. Users of theses Olevia models will be able to utilize these inputs not only to connect the TV to home entertainment equipment easier, but also to connect USB thumb drives or PCs to their TVs to install firmware upgrades, and use the TV to display photos or play MP3 music files through a home theater audio system.

Syntax-Brillian will also preview its new Olevia-licensed consumer electronics products that are scheduled for availability in Q1 Included are a home theater sound bar for virtual surround sound, a 2. For more information please contact Pattie Adams at Over two years ago, Bill Gates said that the next great tech battle was for the living room , and that the ultimate goal was to create an ecosystem where all of your gadgets "talked" intelligently to each other.

At CES , we'll finally start seeing that vision come to life as various electronic ecosystems begin supporting each other. This year, as the prices for high-definition TVs plummet, the name of the game is high-def: HD content, HD camcorders, HD video streaming over the internet and a host of wireless technologies to support all this HD data. TVs Until recently, plasmas were considered the best option for big screens, with deeper blacks and wider viewing angles than their LCD brethren.

This year, LCD televisions are gaining a definitive edge even among big to inch screens because of their affordable prices, deeper colors and a handful of new, user-friendly features. One such feature we are especially intrigued by is the intelligent sensor in the LG 50 LCD TV, which optimizes the picture based on the ambient light.

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One of the biggest stories of was the rise of so-called second-tier companies in the TV world. Companies like Olevia opened up the market with affordable, good-looking sets like Olevia's i, the top TV in Wired's Fall Test issue. One reason these companies have caught up to the leaders is because many use the same LCD panel manufacturers, with repackaging as the only difference. If the guts of the TV are the same, why pay more for a brand name? They project a sharp increase in global LCD TV panel shipments as inch and inch displays replace smaller ones to become the mainstream LCD module sizes.

In the maintenance period OLEVIA products, customers will be given home repair, maintenance technicians within 48 hours of your family to be Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories Islands regardless of the distance are additional charges. OLEVIA day to enable the public a better understanding of high-definition digital broadcasting and personally experience the power of high-definition digital to OLEVIA new high-definition digital receiver, respectively immediate access two trial broadcasts of high-definition television channels.

The public response was very enthusiastic, not only stood watch, and repeated questioning OLEVIA high-definition digital broadcasting digital receiver and the latest situation. Peerless will provide universal stand mounting solutions that will position Olevia screens, ranging in size from 42 inches to 65 inches, across various venues.

All of the stand mounts supplied by Peerless will be used in an outdoor application. Peerless solutions range from flat, tilt, pivot and articulating mounts, and stands to our custom designed products that support screens as large as inches for the commercial, residential and retail markets. For more information on Peerless Mounts visit www.

About Peerless Industries, Inc. Today, Peerless designs and manufactures mounts for current and emerging visual display technologies, including LCD and plasma flat panel displays, projectors, CRT televisions and other electronic equipment used in the commercial and consumer markets.


Built on decades of experience and proven expertise, Peerless Industries is ISO certified and is an approved Underwriters Laboratories testing site. C Peerless Industries, Inc. Peerless Industries, Inc. Viktorya Maryan ext vmaryan peerlessmounts.

Panasonic also announced a variety of new products; one of the more interesting of which is a product called Viera Link, which allows for easier networking of content attached to their Viera LCD and plasma televisions. One cool feature is a remote control with an SD slot to easily watch photos on big screen TV.

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One other product worth mentioning: a new line of 32 MB SD memory cards capable of story 5. Frank Li, president of Kolin, recently confirmed that Kolin has secured supply of inch high-definition LCD panels from Sharp since the end of , and once enjoyed banner sales of large-sized LCD TVs during Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations in Furthermore, as Sharp has offered to supply inch panels in early , Kolin is expected to post robust shipment in the year.

Since Sharp started supplying it with inch panels at the end of , Kolin has effectively achieved comprehensiveness in kinds of display panels outsourced from Japan's, Korea's and Taiwan's suppliers. This may affect its shipment in the future, but not too much, according to Li. Pay Up and Profit, Hollywood! By Anders Bylund January 10, Some people have no sense of timing. For example, why do the TV and movie studios choose to fight the Writers Guild of America over pennies on a corporate scale, when they could be greeting a new golden age for filmed entertainment?

There's plenty of evidence of the potential for greatness in the entertainment industry. For example, the annual Consumer Electronics Show is winding down in Las Vegas, and the coverage is nearly unanimous: The television is one of the hottest gadgets on the market again. Starting early next year, TV viewers will get digital signals or nothing at all, as the government's deadline to phase out analog broadcasts arrives. It's hard for me to name a neighbor who doesn't have high-def, or who still watches analog cable or over-the-air signals.

For story please see [ID:nN]. Below are the five Nasdaq stocks that experienced the largest increases and decreases in their short positions from mid-December to late December, according to information released by the exchange. The five companies with the largest overall short positions are also listed. The latest data is as of December 31, while the previous period's data is as of December O: Quote, Profile, Research 81,, 53,, 27,, O: Quote, Profile, Research 37,, 28,, 8,, O: Quote, Profile, Research 16,, 11,, 4,, O: Quote, Profile, Research 34,, 30,, This is somewhat contrary to Syntax-Brillian's previous strategy of avoiding these stores, due to the fact that Wal-Mart is known for squeezing every penny they can out of many companies selling in their stores and leaving them with razor thin margins.

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Despite the lower margins, the shoppers at Wal-Mart do match the target market of many of Syntax-Brillian's Olevia televisions. Being a lower end value brand, their televisions are targeted towards more budget cautious individuals. Wal-Mart and Sam's Club has helped propel Vizio to become the best selling LCD company in North America for the second quarter of and in the top two for the third quarter. It seems that Syntax-Brillian is now taking the same route as Vizio and seeing if they can mirror their success.

However, the question is whether this move is too late? In addition, there also appears to be other players entering the market.