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Denosumab for Smoldering Multiple Myeloma
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Cycles will be 28 days in length. Doctor Criteria. The following criteria is provided for health care professionals. Subjects who are surgically sterile e. Ability to understand and the willingness to sign a written informed consent document. Statement on Inclusion of Women and Minorities - Men and women of all ethnicities and racial backgrounds are eligible for this study.

Exclusion Criteria: Prior administration of denosumab. Active dental or jaw condition that requires oral surgery, including tooth extraction. Planned invasive dental procedures during the course of study. Evidence of any of the following conditions per subject self-report or medical chart review: Any prior invasive malignancy within 3 years of enrollment that may affect outcome of study Any non-invasive malignancy not treated with curative intent or with known active disease within 3 years before enrollment that may affect outcome of study Major surgery or significant traumatic injury occurring within 4 weeks before enrollment Active infection with Hepatitis B virus or Hepatitis C virus Known infection with human immunodeficiency virus HIV requiring IV anti-infective therapy Subject is pregnant or breast feeding, or planning to become pregnant within 5 months after the end of treatment.

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What are emerging perspectives and strategies in the early intervention of smoldering myeloma?

This Article doi: Listen and Feel. This could easily be done lyrically and in the music video clip. View Metrics. The writer knows that they MUST return together. Drug: Denosumab mg of Denosumab will be administered subcutaneously once every 4 weeks.

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The Didact's Will è tratto dall'Album Primordial

The pieces are now corrupt, molded shadows of the once great temple. This song says if the pieces don't communicate with each other than we are doomed.

At least, that is what I hear. There was an error. I used to listen to Tool a bit, and I think that your interpritation of this song is correct. I am glad that true Christianity is not a religion at all If more people understood that, then they would understand why Christianity is distinct from every religion in the world, and therefore not compatible with them. For those who are interested, I have explained this in more detail in the following article on my site: jdlarsenmn. Flag Randomidentity on October 06, Christianity is not different from other religions.

You just think that it is because it is all you know.

Study on the Effect of Ibrutinib on High Risk Smoldering Multiple Myeloma Patients

Religion is a lot like music; most people just stick with what they were raised on. And then some people find their own identities, but in the end, it's all the same. Just look at every organized religion throughout the world. Christianity, especially Catholicism, is a parallel to a feudal hierarchy. The pope is a king, the cardinals are dukes, bishops and arch-bishops are barons, priests are earls, and the congregation are the peasants that make up the majority but contain very little power.


This is because the effect of ignition is identical regardless of degree of intent, and . The next stage is emergent smoldering, where the fire grows from a barely . Smoldering multiple myeloma (SMM) bridges the gap between monoclonal .. on all patients with SMM with the intent of treating only those with >1 focal lesion .

The Muslims have 2 groups, the Sunnis and Shittes who have been fighting ever since they began as individual groups on which ideology is right. To me this song isn't just about the schism between the Catholic and Orthodox churches, it is about the schism of people over religion. I'm Christian and that's as far as I go. I don't buy into the whole "you need a priest, pastor, etc.

Isn't that exactly against what Jesus taught? As far as the song meaning, I can't truly know what Maynard's intent was but if I had to venture an informed guess I'd say PhilosopherKing78 has a good thing going with that interpretation There's so much in the way of doomsday prophecies in religion Its a good motivational tool for sure and its not possible to logically disprove a potential event. Sidenote if we're on the topic of religion I wish the planet was viewed more truly as a gift from God Or maybe an heirloom.

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  • What are emerging perspectives and strategies in the early intervention of smoldering myeloma?.

Its a pretty good gift, I'd say. And then some people find their own identities PhilosopherKing78 I think you pretty much hit the nail on its head with this interpretation. One thing I would like to mention though is, that, from what I think at least, Maynard isn't specifically wanting to build one religion out of them all, but it is more like all people had kind of like the same conciousness back then and he is not dispraising the split to many religions itself, but rather how it made people fall apart too, fighting each other.

I came to this Idea, because in days he is talking bad about most cristians, which I now extended to religious fundamentalists in general, too. What do you think about it? Flag Metagross31 on March 30, This song is about the inevitable atrophy of intimacy, which comes through a breakdown in communication channels through the participants lovers unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

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But Maynard offers us the possibility of intimacy's redemption - he sings 'I know the pieces fit' - confirmed, still, presently - implying that even though the pieces have fallen away they would still fit if retrieved and re-applied. Flag carl on August 02, PhilosopherKing78 Taking your point a bit further, it is about observing the dual nature of our minds, a cognitive dissonance and being aware of this afflictions various resultant forms of manifestation in our lives.

It is a schism of our left and right brain hemispheres causing a split between our sacred male and sacred feminine characteristics, a separation of Yin and Yang, a fracture between logic and intuition, dis-harmony between the analytical and holistic thoughts of our minds. With a fundamental understanding of this song and our minds we can observe the schism of the internal disharmony of the mind causing disharmony in the external our world, our lives. You know the pieces fit because you watched them fall away.

When we can find unity once again, once we can reestablish harmonious communication within ourselves, resulting in harmony in our lives Flag TashiChodak on December 30, PhilosopherKing78 Being a long time Tool fan, I can garantee it's not about religion at all, it's about relationships. General Comment I have to agree with a lot of what everyone has said For a long time I considered this song from the relationship stand point.


I still see the strong arguements made to the relationship testament in this song I mean that can even be seen in the video but I'll make a different point on the video later where in the end they come together, reforming the one It takes 2 people and forms them into 1 body But that's not even what this interpretation is about Okay, the hardest area for me to cover is who the song seems to be coming from I don't feel that Maynard meant for this to seem as if it's coming from his mouth At one time, the "church" was one body.

It was a singular unit, set on one system of beliefs that everyone who had faith followed Fundamental differing" rotten and burned up, to put it into different terms No fault, none to blame, that doesn't mean I don't desire to point the finger, blame the other, watch the temple topple over bring the pieces back together, rediscover communcation" I think here the meaning is that although no one is directly to blame for this break, because every "piece" that was broken was done in the name of righteousness.

Yet still he wants to see the separate temples topple over, and the pieces brought back together, so they can reunite under one belief system.