The Rainbow-Colored Sheep (Short Story)

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I turned the vehicle around and drove back to the area where we were when she saw the lightning flash. It happened again and we both saw it this time. We pulled off to the side of the road and watched the sky and the mountain tops for almost 30 minutes and never saw it again but the experience was unforgettable. The rainbow colored flash of light seemed almost iridescent to me and much wider than a lightning strike but did not light up the whole sky and did not make any sound. It was similar to a lightning flash only as to how long it lasted.

It was very beautiful.

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Has anyone ever heard of such a thing before? There were huge jets making chemtrails all day long, the sky was mostly clear with sparse but thick clouds. The sun had just gone down so the sky was just barely darkening and I had barely turned on my headlights 5 minutes earlier, the moon was almost full and Mars was coming up behind us when this all occurred. Perhaps heat lightning or ball lightning? I live very near the famed 'Brown Mountain Lights' and could almost describe these the same way. Heat lightning does not require a cloud cover either If i am correct.

You tend to see these on tropical areas, when I was in venezuela i always thought there was a storm coming but it was only lightning and that was it, no thunder or anything.

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A sparkle as something was making it do that. Ice crystals, moisture and glass can create little rainbows. Yeah ive seen similar on the mountains when a gust of wind picks up some dry snow and the sunlight catches it.

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It could have been a rainbow and lightning. Those events have been known to make the lightning appear to have multi colors. This, I think when a thin, fine cloud of ice is blown into the air then at certain angles you can be lucky enough to see a weird rainbow. I saw the same thing you described tonight Driving home after sun went down.. I thought it might be the Northern Lights??

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The Rainbow-Colored Sheep (Short Story) - Kindle edition by Glenn Slade Clark Jr. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. "The Rainbow-Colored Sheep" is a short story told from the perspective of a lamb who doesn't fit in with the ideals of his flock due to the fact that his fleece is not.

I hope you are still active here and that someone will see my message. I was accidentally shooting lightning when a rainbow of ligh t appeared in the sky. So i will attach a photo whit my comment here. Can someone explaine to me what is it? My children witnessed this as we were driving home in September of in the interior of Alaska. It was dusk, at late sunset.

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We were driving along some hills. It had snowed the week before but the snow had melted away. It was short, not crossing the entire sky. They were flashes of rainbow streaks, as described by my daughter. This whole shoebox endeavor reminds me of the starfish story—attributed, I believe, to Loren Eiseley and adapted many times over—that goes something like this:. One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean.

The surf is up and the tide is going out. After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish, and threw it back into the surf. To learn more or to enroll, click the button:. Last week, while in the midst of settling the final pieces for launching the Felted Wool Blanket Master Class , I got an email from Marina. Marina was a Fall student and was writing to say she was heading back into the course materials lifetime access! This made me do a little happy dance :. As I wrote her back, I spontaneously asked if The Green Sheep could feature her in a blog interview to help people learn how the class might fit them.

She generously said yes. Welcome, Marina! Joan: Marina, tell us a little about yourself, what you value, and what makes you you. Marina: I think of myself as a maker of things and a life-long learner. I grew up in France in the 60s when cooking from scratch and making things by hand was valued. Then I feel nurtured and alive! I gladly share what I know, and I am grateful that I have found equally sharing folk along the way.

I see a newfound respect for handmade things, I see a time when we will have less stuff and finer objects, made with love and caring, and that fills me with optimism! Marina: I have been sewing on and off since college, from making household furnishings to clothes, then simple quilts, at first. I am also a gardener, and like to pull my areas of interest together, like when I made pin cushions with the log cabin quilt design and filled them with lavender from my garden. Gardening is, by the way, much like quilting and blanket making: color work, on a grander scale!

Joan: Would the course materials be appropriate for someone who may have sewn a bit in the past but who considers themselves still a beginner? Marina: I think the course materials are appropriate for anyone who has a basic understanding of how to operate a sewing machine and has had experience with simple assembly. Marina: I came across your work through Pinterest, I believe, and I was so impressed with the aesthetics, the quality and the thoughtfulness of your blankets that I started following this blog.

I jumped on the opportunity to take the class because I love the idea of repurposing beautiful textiles.

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Already a subscriber or registered access user? Rubber and aluminum actually. Pathetic- I'll see you at night, at dinner. JA: We did call him to talk about Isaac Newton but more specifically, colors. Still how can one resist those sweet faces? That comment made me laugh! Not even one paid attention to me.

I think of it as a modern version of the quilting tradition to make do, to be thrifty and creative at the same time, and to create something new from something that has served a previous purpose. Joan: You described so well the value in being able to go back to the curriculum! In the course, I encourage class participants to not be afraid to experiment. Marina: That is some of your best advice!

Working with felted knitted woolens is at the same time more challenging and more forgiving than working with woven materials, with which I am very familiar. The only way to make progress and get comfortable with the process is to do —I think that is true of all crafts. Be brave and do it! Truly, what could seem daunting is not if you follow the step-by-step approach, get your first blanket done, and then plan another. What can you gain from the course again at this stage? Marina: After the master class was finished I went through it twice more in the process of finishing my first blanket.

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What happens, as you get more familiar and comfortable with the process, is that little things pop up that you may not remember the first time. And I can assure you that I will refer to the master class video every single time I make the binding! My first two blankets have a lot of graphic detail.

They were gifts to newborns and I wanted them to be as much play mats as blankets, fun and cozy. My third blanket I hope will recall my garden. Swaths of color, paths, a timber frame garden house, a huge hedge, a woodland in the back ground. Right now I think it will be a more abstract design, more impressionistic than literal.

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In that project I am going through the master class again to focus on improving my techniques: better seams, tidier corners, using some more challenging felts, such as thicker material and textures. What attracts you to working with wool? Marina: I have spent so much time handling material that I really value the hand feel of wool, especially felted wool. I also have an affinity for what comes from nature. One of my dearest friends raises alpacas, and working with fiber that I have seen literally seen grow is very inspiring.

Even if you intend to wait until after the new year to start a blanket, you might consider signing up for this session. In offering the Felted Wool Blanket Master Class again this fall, I want to provide useful information for anyone wondering if this course might be the right fit. Earlier this week you were able to read what things students have found most valuable in the course. Here you go!