Un peligro para la sociedad: Testimonio de un periodista que incomoda al poder (Spanish Edition)

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But not everything is advancing in a positive direction. Los argumentos son los mismos, pero los protagonistas rotan. December 16, Bachelet 2. December 15, It's Time for Nafta 2.

If there is one thing supporters and critics of this pact have always agreed on, it is the size of the stakes. In November , Mr. Clinton, facing fierce opposition within his party, implored Congress to pass Nafta as a vote for the country's future, a sign that "we still have confidence in ourselves and our potential. December 2, U. Yet, despite the continuing rhetoric, neither government has been willing to invest much in advancing or upgrading the relationship. It is striking how much of his short presidency —- just days -- was related to Latin America.

By Abraham F. Lowenthal The bitter impasse finally, if temporarily, resolved in Washington last week made it absolutely evident to all that the US faces serious problems.

These problems did not suddenly arise, nor are they limited to the showdown of government activities and services and the raising the national debt limit. The difficulties are not only political, but also economic and social; they have developed over many years, and they are by no means resolved. Will the country long seen as a laboratory for policy innovation continue to be a reference for a region that is seeking to address longstanding inequalities, while maintaining democracy and economic growth?

November 7, A Conversation with the Former President of Bolivia, Jorge Quiroga By Megan Cook "Democracy is under siege" in Bolivia, the country's former president and a current opposition leader, Jorge Quiroga, said last week at the Inter-American Dialogue in a presentation blasting the current government's record on democratic governance. Meyer Source: Latin America Advisor In early October, Guatemala's president, members of his cabinet, as well as business and religious leaders in the Central American nation agreed to work together to reduce malnutrition, improve education and provide youths with the skills necessary to be successful in the labor market.

Will the accord be implemented successfully and achieve its goals? Where do Ibero-American relations now stand? Why have businesses operating in Colombia become so pessimistic? To what extent have the policies of President Juan Manuel Santos helped or hindered businesses?


Which sectors have thrived during Santos' administration, and which have struggled? The opportunities for bilateral cooperation are countless. Yet U. Unfortunately, hope for better relations quickly faded with the recent expulsion of US and Venezuelan diplomats. Was the trip a success for Maduro? For China? Meanwhile, tensions between Nicaragua and Colombia over their maritime boundaries, ostensibly settled by an International Court of Justice ruling late last year, have been reignited.

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What is behind Ortega's bellicose statements? By James R. The reforms would impose new taxes on the country's top earners as well as on capital gains. How important are tax system reforms for Mexico's economy? Do the specific parts of the reform address the right areas? Yet not so long ago, US foreign policy decision-making was far less troubled by principle. From Nixon to Obama, the US has made some progress in the past 40 years.

What are the most important parts of the overhaul, and how can they be implemented in the face of teacher resistance? September 9, Development vs. Sustained levels of Chinese investment across a range of sectors from natural resources to manufacturing to services have introduced an important dimension to the bilateral relationship. He will try to persuade a very skeptical nation. It is never easy to predict what will happen once military action is underway, but it is hard to recall when uncertainties have been greater. September 4, Is Legalization Possible? What factors are driving demographic trends in Latin America and the Caribbean?

Uruguay, the smallest country in the region, has been the first, however, to openly rebel. By Juan Rada, Miguel A.

What are the best practices for engaging citizens in the region through technology? The Congress is in recess for five weeks, until early September.

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When lawmakers return, they will face a number of crucial battles, including on the budget. In such a polarized political environment, none of these will be easy. The drop-off was attributed mainly to a decline in Chinese lending to Venezuela. How important is Chinese lending to the region today? What does the decline in funding from China mean for Venezuela and the region as a whole? What will the future hold for Chinese lending to Latin America and the Caribbean?

The visit marked his first foreign trip as leader of the Roman Catholic church. Standing next to the pontiff, President Dilma Rousseff called for cooperation with the church to combat poverty and hunger.

Why did Francis choose Brazil for his first foreign trip as pope? Was the trip a success, and for whom? Will the visit have any lasting consequences for Brazilian society, or the church's role in that country? July 30, China y EE. July 30, China and the U. July 27, Now What, Madam President? Paulo Although Brazilians love crowds, it was a great surprise to virtually everyone in Brazil when more than a million protestors showed up on the streets of more than cities.

Though he is now seeking temporary asylum from Russia, where he has been stranded in the Moscow airport, only a few nations, all in Latin America, have been openly receptive to his pleas. Why are some governments in the region so eager to thumb their noses at the United States? Are these protests isolated events with unique causes or are there threads that unify them? June 10, Where do Relations Between the U.

Vice President Joe Biden called for stronger ties between the two countries. Where do U. What factors and global trends have been driving these investments? Which countries fared best, and worst, in attracting foreign investment, and why? Will FDI in and continue to gain steam? What effect, if any, is the report having on the drug policy debate in the United States and in the region? In Colombia, authorities have warned the public of a plot by an organized crime group to kill several high-profile journalists.

In Argentina, opposition leader and Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri signed a decree "to guarantee protection to journalists and media in the city" as the government's ongoing dispute with country's largest media company has intensified. What do these developments say about press freedom in the Americas?

What are the most important trends that stakeholders government, businesses, civil society need to pay attention to? How has the evolution of social media and wider access to the Internet and communications technologies changed the debate over freedom of the press?

May 23, A Tribute to Albert O. This is critical to ensuring that spending is adequately tailored to the changing needs of recipients instead of merely buttressing support for traditional officeholders. In this regard, political and institutional factors are central in accounting for the relative success of social policy experiments throughout Latin America. How solid is Morales' support as he looks toward his next campaign? How strong is the opposition, and what could Morales' rivals do to gain an edge?

El Mundo. Give them the truth, to counter American and British media fabrications. For this, the Commission engaged in a wide ranging promotion of its document proposal, "Towards the Shaping of a National Permanent Peace Policy," which has been the subject of national discussion, review and improvement by Colombian society and has also elicited reflections and comments from the insurgent groups. The idea is that all academic areas can provide opportunities for the promotion of democratic participation, moral development, caring, cooperation, and peaceful and harmonious relationships. He said that most of the harassment that he receives would be in the form of people smiling in a mocking manner or nasty comments from older people His organisation looks at personal development and capacity building for young persons. Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, said in a Facebook post that Buzyna - like Kalashnikov - was a key witness in a criminal case related to pro-Russian activists who in early attacked the pro-Western protests on Kiev's main square. In each one, a coordinator completes the tasks of motivation, support and management.

Will Morales choose to make his last run for office? Maduro has voiced a desire for "respectful relations" with the United States, though Washington has still not recognized his government. The United States has denied that it is considering sanctions against Venezuela, and Venezuelan authorities recently arrested a U.

The State Department has denied any efforts to destabilize the Venezuelan government. Will U. What do Maduro's cabinet picks portend about the future of bilateral relations?